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Campus Outreach Program

Campus Outreach Program
Campus Outreach Program is an educational and awareness program being offered by Lahore Stock Exchange and other partnering financial and capital market institutions of Pakistan under the broader ‘Financial Literacy Initiative’ of the South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE).

Under this Program, adult age students from participating schools, colleges and universities shall be targeted for different on-campus and on-location briefing programs and other activities.

Key Message

The earlier you save — the more you accumulate


  • To create basic awareness in the younger population of our country about various financial markets and products.
  • To promote responsible financial behavior.
  • To inculcate the habits of saving.
  • To modify the spending habits.
  • To increase financial literacy and capability.
  • To empower younger consumers of financial products.

Program Structure

The following learning opportunities shall be organized under Campus Outreach Program:
  1. First briefing session to students about Financial Markets and Regulatory Environment
    2:30 hours session (on each participating campus)
  2. Second briefing session to students about Financial Products and Consumer Protection Laws
    2:30 hours session (on each participating campus)
  3. Field visit of Students to Lahore Stock Exchange for practical orientation to different financial institutions
    3:00 hours session (off campus)
  4. Summer edition of Virtual Investment Management Competition
    Open only to students having attended all three previous learning sessions
  5. Four Weeks Internship with selected financial institutions
    For top five students from Lahore region with best returns on the virtual investment portfolios